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Dead Days: Season Two Cover Reveal(s)…

Hi all, Quick post today. I'm working on a new project and just finished my writing for the week. Pretty tiring one, but who ever said any job was easy, eh? Anyway, I've just reached the "difficult 1/3rd" mark of this new project (of which I'll … [Read more]

How To Make A Living Writing Fiction

Making a living writing fiction is probably up there with desert island caretaker and secretary to a zillionaire as one of the most appealing jobs in the world. People daydream about... well, daydreaming and putting it on paper for a living. What … [Read more]

Release Schedule 2014

Hi all, I've had a lot of people asking me when such-and-such-a-book is coming out, or whether this-book-or-that-book is getting a sequel some time soon. I thought the best way to answer all these questions--and keep myself on track--would be to … [Read more]

New Release: The Hunger — New Sci-Fi/Horror Now Available!

Hi all, A good bit of news for you. The Hunger, my latest full length novel, is now available to purchase for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks and Google Play! As I've mentioned in the past, The Hunger is a sci-fi/horror book, and my longest … [Read more]

The Hunger — New Sci-Fi/Horror Cover Reveal

Hi all, Just a quick update this week because it's been a busy one and, quite frankly, I'm not sure how many words I have in me before I start spouting gibberish! I know, I know -- I do that enough anyway. Right, so I thought I'd share with you … [Read more]

4 Crazy As Shit Things That Almost Happened In My Books

Being a writer is a lot of fun. That goes without saying, right? Creating new worlds, complex characters, awesome plot twists. Yeah, it's all fantastic fun and something I love doing. However, despite being considered somewhat "prolific," there … [Read more]

Ryan Casey Fiction Update: Zombies, Sort-Of-Zombies and Other Shenanigans

Hi all, First off, apologies for the slight delay in getting this blog post to you. I realise it's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, which is crazy in Ryan Casey terms! But anyway, please rest assured that the sole reason this post is a … [Read more]

KDP Select: Is Exclusivity Still Worth It In 2014?

To KDP Select or not to KDP Select? That is still, even right here in 2014, one of the biggest publishing questions new writers have when launching their books. Is three months of exclusivity in exchange for a few free days and countdown promotions … [Read more]

Buried Slaughter — The Dying Eyes Sequel, Now Available!

Hi all, Delighted to finally be able to report that Buried Slaughter, the sequel to 2013's popular crime thriller/detective mystery Dying Eyes, is finally available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks and Google Play (paperback coming soon). And for … [Read more]

Breaking Bad, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Celebrating The Tragic Antihero

I've finally been binging away on AMC's Breaking Bad these last few weeks. Yep, I realise I'm like, years behind. I've just been so busy these last couple of years that I've been completely out of touch with any television beyond The Walking Dead, … [Read more]