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silhouetteSilhouette is available to download as an eBook via Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google Play and Barnes & Noble.

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Time-travel isn’t all fun and games. 

Welcome to a murky world of greedy scientists, violent shifts through dimensions, groundbreaking discoveries and suspicious silhouettes.

Silhouette is a 6,000-word thriller short story from the author of the bestselling Something in the Cellar collection.

Scientist Brian Dawlish has made a staggering discovery. He is on the brink of answering one of life’s greatest questions: can humans travel through time?

But, as he tests the formula and revisits earlier moments from his own life, he becomes haunted by a suspicious silhouette at each and every one of these key events. What is the silhouette? Why does it stalk Brian’s memories?

As Brian becomes totally engrossed and absorbed by the silhouette, he soon realises he is not only putting his life in danger, but everything else around him too.

Silhouette is a breakneck-paced thriller with elements of science-fiction that also investigates the longing for acceptance and the desire to prove one’s self in an unforgiving world.

Silhouette is Ryan Casey’s second eBook release, following the bestselling short story Something in the Cellar, and is available to download from AmazonAppleKobo, Google Play and Barnes & Noble.

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