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Hi everyone,

Welcome to my website. I hope you have much more fun looking around than I had creating it. Seriously, I’m in fiction writing and not web design for a reason.

Okay. I’m just being humble. I did a pretty fantastic job.

Firstly, I’d just like to thank you for visiting this site. Without you, the readers, I couldn’t make a living writing the stories I love. And sure—I’d still tell stories, but speaking to a crowd rather than to myself is much more fun.


Back in December 2012, I published my debut novel: a standalone coming-of-age mystery novel called What We Saw.

Since then, I’ve gone on to publish over ten novels, an Amazon Horror bestselling serial (Dead Days), several novellas, short stories, and have written well over a million words.

What genre do I write in? Well, isn’t that just the question.

Truth be told, I don’t think about genre when I write. I just write the stories I love to tell. Currently, I’m writing the Brian McDone mystery series, the Dead Days post apocalyptic serial and the Infection Z novels.

That said, all of my works are bound by dark page-turning suspense, complex, layered characters and unpredictable, knockout twists. If I had to put myself under a genre umbrella, it’d be “dark suspense”. Fiction that entertains, scares, thrills and stuns in equal measure. Fiction that holds up a dark mirror to humanity and morality, keeping the reader thinking way beyond the final page.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy…


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