I figured it’s been a while since I did a proper fiction update. So here goes.

I’m currently hard at work on the second novel in a Chloë spin-off series. In case you don’t already know, Chloë is a character from the Dead Days books. She has a bit of a cult following of her own, so I figured it just made sense to milk Dead Days even further … I joke.

In reality, it pains me to call Chloë a spin-off. It’s an epic accompanying journey to the Dead Days saga. The Hobbit to the Lord of the Rings, if you will.

I initially realised Chloë needed a story of her own when I went through the sheer amount of story I had planned for her. I had a choice — condense it and incorporate it into Dead Days Season Six … meaning something like 40,o00 words of Chloë. Or write a whole new trilogy of Chloë’s new journey. Meaning 200,000 words.

In the end, I decided to opt for the latter. There’s no way I want to dilute Chloë’s story in any way.

If you’re a fan of Dead Days, you’ll love the Chloë books. If you’re new to the Chloë books, I hope you’ll also love them. There are references to the past, but they will stand alone as stories of their own.

Rest assured, there’s plenty of twists, plenty of turns, and plenty of zombies …

My publishing schedule for the end of the year is something to behold in itself. The first Chloë book will be out later this month, followed by the sequel in September, followed by the fourth Infection Z book in October, followed by Dead Days Season Six in November … and followed by the third and final Chloë book in December. Post-Apocalyptic-Tastic, I hear you say.

What about 2016? Well, fewer books. I certainly don’t have a lack of work available right now. And nobody can accuse me of slacking — excuse me if I slow my publishing pace a little! At the moment, it’s looking like the sixth and final McDone mystery in January, followed by the fifth and final Infection Z book in Feb, a couple of Dead Days seasons, and a whole new series. So okay. Hardly slowing the pace much. But a drastic decrease of output compared to the last two years.

Cheers to everyone who picked up the latest McDone book. And for that matter, thanks to everyone who picked up any of my books since I last thanked you. I’ve been sitting inside the top 100 selling Horror authors over at Amazon for a good few months now, many of my books have been in genre best seller charts for weeks on end (and not just obscure genres, either. The biggies like Post Apocalyptic, etc).

I really couldn’t do this without your support. So thank you.

Have a great August.