Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you non-Kindle ebook readers (all four of you) a heads up that my three month Amazon exclusivity contract on a few of my books has expired, and therefore they are all now available once more on the other big retailers.

The full list of books is as follows. Click on this link for all of them–the links are all through the page.

  • Dying Eyes
  • Buried Slaughter
  • Nameless Kill
  • Killing Freedom
  • What We Saw
  • The Hunger
  • Sinkers
  • Something in the Cellar
  • Silhouette
  • She Remembers

All of these books are available right now on Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Google Play and most other major (and a few minor) retailers.

They are no longer available in the Kindle Unlimited program, although the first two Blake Dent mysteries are. I’ll talk a little more about why tomorrow.