Chloe, the brand new novel in my Dead Days post apocalyptic saga, is now available to purchase.

The Dead Days series was my first foray into post apocalyptic fiction, and one of the first releases of mine to achieve any notable kind of success. Today, it continues to sell strongly, and for that I’m very grateful.

Chloe is a standalone series set in the Dead Days world. Set after Season Five, to be precise. You do not have to read Dead Days in order to enjoy Chloe — as several reviewers have kindly noted. But I’d recommend it for maximum enjoyment.

Not a lot to say without giving it away. If you’re a Dead Days fan, you know to expect twists, turns and plenty of zombie and human action. If you’re not a Dead Days fan… well, hopefully you will be after reading Chloe.

Click here to buy Chloe. And here’s the cover.