It’s officially autumn, which means my promise of a post-apocalyptic end to the year (fictionally) is well and truly in full swing, continuing right now with the launch of Chloe: The Journey!

It’s the sequel to the first Chloe book, which I launched to great sales, reviews and feedback last month. It was a daunting book to launch, mostly because it’s the first time I’ve ever tried this “series within a series” business. But it’s definitely paid off, and everyone who has read it understands now why I had to split it up from the main Dead Days storyline. Just way too much story for one book!

Chloe: The Journey picks up right where Chloe left off, leading a group of survivors across a barren landscape in search of some kind of meaning in life. But as divisions split the group and the zombies grow even more terrifying, Chloe’s leadership is put straight to the test. Overall, it was an absolute joy to write, and I particularly loved writing the villain in this one. I wanted to make them as human as possible, holding up a mirror to the protagonist and showing how they might turn out if they follow a certain path. I’ve worked hard at getting that right, and I’d love to think I’ve nailed it.

Well, I enjoyed writing it. And that’s always a good sign, anyway.

Here’s the cover. If you click, you’ll be taken right to Amazon, where you can download to your Kindle. Links to the other stores below.

And yes, I know. I really need to get all my books done in paper and audio. I’m working on it.

Okay, maybe not working on it just yet. But working on working on it…

Enjoy. Leave a review if you do, and let your friends know about it.


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