Hi everyone, and happy Friday!

Today, I’ve got a very exciting announcement to make. Well, you’ve probably guessed what that announcement is from the title of this email already, but in case you need to hear it again…

Dead Days Season Five is now available!

I’ve tried to avoid teasing this book pre-release because I wanted the launch to be a complete surprise. I may be no Beyonce, but I figured I’d give this surprise launch thing a go.

All six episodes of Season Five are now available to buy on all platforms. And it really is the most intense, gritty, brutal season yet.

Here’s the cover:

Dead Days Season Five

Very cool, right?

Early first reader response to Dead Days Season Five has been amazing. In fact, one reader claimed that they just had to go back and read the first four seasons as a result of some of the revelations this time round.

But don’t take my word for it…

Get your copy of Dead Days Season Five here:

Google Play

If you’re curious about the premise this season, here’s the description:


In October 2013, a chaotic infection spread across Britain, turning the majority of the population into bloodthirsty zombies.
The weak fell. Many of the strong fell, too. The only survivors were those willing to sink to the most brutal depths of humanity in order to further their own existence.

Dead Days is the story of a group of those survivors.

Season Five of the thrilling, suspenseful post apocalyptic series picks up right after Season Four’s devastating conclusion. The journey to the BLZ is over. Our survivors’ lives hang in the balance. Terrifying new horrors lurk around every corner of this living hell…

Who will escape? Who will survive?

And even if they do, will they be able to handle a staggering new truth?

A horrifying truth that reveals itself as Season Five hurtles towards its conclusion?

One thing is for certain…

There will be blood. There will be tears. In the Dead Days, nobody is safe.

With fast-paced zombie action and gripping character scenarios, Dead Days is a truly unmissable serial adventure. Scroll up and buy the complete season five now. You’ll be hooked on every twist and turn, right through to the game-changing final scene…

Abre Los Ojos.

I’ve been so excited about this particular season for a while now, so keeping a lid on my feelings has been tricky. There’s some big stuff this season. Some real big stuff. So I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. It goes in surprising directions, as usual.

So I figured I’d capitalise on the surprising nature of the Dead Days series with an unexpected release. It adds up right? 🙂

Here’s those links once again:

Google Play

Happy reading!

PS: After you pick up and read your copy, I wondered if I could ask a favour of you? A staggeringly small percentage of readers review books, even if they love them to pieces. So if you took a few seconds–literally a few sentences is all that’s needed–out of your day to write a review, it’d go a hell of a long way towards keeping me writing more stories I love, and more stories for you to enjoy. Thank you.