dead days season three boxHi everyone,

Great news for Dead Days fans — Season Three is now available to purchase!

Just head through one of the links below to get started with the gripping new chapter in Riley and co’s journey.

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What can you expect from Season Three? The most intense, disorienting and harrowing season of Dead Days yet. Lots of twists. Lots of action. Lots of character development. Oh, and a killer of a final page. It’ll have you demanding Season Four right away.

How’s that sound?

Just a head’s up: Dead Days Season Three has been on sale a day and already it’s an Amazon UK genre bestseller. All thanks to the power of my mailing list subscribers. If you want to be a part of the early release in future, check out the following link by clicking here.

Here’s a closer look at the Dead Days Season Three cover. My designer and I felt like it was time for something refreshing on the cover. To capture the scale of the different stories in Season Three, we opted for a creepy image of Chloë making her way through a woods. Or maybe it’s a creature… who knows?



dead days season three


Happy reading, and thanks again for your unwavering support. If you enjoy Season Three, please leave a review at your preferred retailer.