Hi all,

Quick post today. I’m working on a new project and just finished my writing for the week. Pretty tiring one, but who ever said any job was easy, eh? Anyway, I’ve just reached the “difficult 1/3rd” mark of this new project (of which I’ll talk more about in the future) and am just about ready to sleep for the weekend. Wild, eh?!

Anyway, I’ve been teasing Dead Days: Season Two for a long, long time, so I figured it was only fair I shared the covers with you. Not many words being blogged this week, but I think I just about made up for it with that mammoth 5,000+ word one last week, right?!

Here are the covers for Dead Days Season Two. As fans of the series will know, I’m releasing the entire second season as a boxset on day one, which means you’ll be able to binge on every single episode of the new season on launch day. Which is, by the way, just a week or two away now. I don’t like being too specific. In this digital age, I prefer surprising people. 🙂

However, I’ll also be launching the individual episodes too for anyone who prefers to read them that way. They will of course be $2.99 each, with the Season Two box set launching at $6.99, so it’d be wiser to just grab the box set. But each to their own and all that!

dead days season 2

dead days episode 7

dead days episode 8

dead days episode 9

dead days episode 10

dead days episode 11

Dead Days Episode 12










There you go! Hope you like them. They carry over the theme of the first season while offering something new completely. They also foreshadow some of the new developments in this second season that I can’t wait to share with you.

Seriously, I’m so excited about Season Two. I’ve just been putting it out to a few of my first readers and the response has been incredible. One reader described it as a “ticking timebomb of a season. And fuck does it explode hard.”

I’ll share a blurb and a full first chapter excerpt with you next week. Then who knows? Perhaps it’ll finally be time to unleash this thing… 🙂 Of course, if you want to be the first to hear about the new season launch, head to this link and sign up: https://ryancaseybooks.com/fanclub. It’s free, it’s spam-free, and it’s a great way of connecting with you and vice-versa.

Remember, if you’ve yet to start Dead Days, the first episode of Season One is completely free. Head over here to download it at any of the top eBook retailers (as well as in paper if you prefer, but not free of course): https://ryancaseybooks.com/books/dead-days.

If you have read Episode One but were holding off buying the full season for some reason or another, that’s currently on sale at $5.99 (down from the $7.99 RRP) at the same link above.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend! I’ll leave you with a selfie of me and the paperback copy of Dead Days: Season One, which is also now available through the link above/at your favourite retailer.

Dead Days selfie