After what seems like forever, the fourth (and penultimate) book in the Infection Z series is now available to purchase/KU read over at Amazon.

In the latest book, we jump in on Hayden’s life a while after the conclusion of IZ3. He’s beaten, battered, and doesn’t have much hope in the world. He’s not keen on the dead (naturally), and he isn’t so keen on the living either.

But, naturally, shit happens, and Hayden is forced to respond.

This instalment is perhaps different to the prior books in that I wrote it with a solid theme in mind. I wanted to explore some of the problems of the world we live in today and re-imagine it on a post-apocalyptic canvas. I found the experience very rewarding and a lot of fun. Hopefully I’ve balanced the two sides of the spectrum, too.

Here’s the cover. You can pick the book up below for just $4.99. So treat yourself to a cheery, uplifting… nah. Sorry. That’s just not the way it is.

But treat yourself anyway.

Infection Z 4

CLICK HERE to purchase.