Hi all,

I’ve had a lot of people asking me when such-and-such-a-book is coming out, or whether this-book-or-that-book is getting a sequel some time soon. I thought the best way to answer all these questions–and keep myself on track–would be to publish a release schedule right here as a blog post.

I’ve also created a page that you’ll be able to access at the top of the website under that shiny new “Coming Soon!” icon. That one right up there ^^^ On that page, I’ll copy and paste over this list, updating it whenever something changes in my schedule. Which it will. That’s just the way I am!

Anyway, here’s a full list of my fiction set to launch in 2014, with a few notes first:

– The release dates are estimates. And they’re the closest estimates I can give. If you ask me when a book that is listed here is going to launch, I can only tell you what I’ve shared here because that’s all I know. And even that could be slightly off. Like I said–I’ll keep this list updated throughout the year via the “Coming Soon!” page, but appreciate that these are just estimates and targets, and the best estimates/targets possible. So bookmark that page and keep checking back for the latest.

– If you don’t see a particular book/project here, then that’s probably because it isn’t scheduled for 2014 launch. Feel free to send me an email if there’s a project you really want to see this year, but I can only commit to scheduling it in for 2015–and only then if I can come up with a good enough idea!

– If you see a project here I haven’t spoken about yet, that’s for a reason. I’ll get to it–promise!

As of writing, it’s March 24th and two of my 2014 books are out. But I’ll share the whole list here so you can keep track. Here goes…


2014 Release Schedule:

1. Buried Slaughter: Brian McDone #2 – (Released February 9th 2014)

2. The Hunger: The Turnstone Saga #1 – (Released March 18th 2014)

3. Dead Days: Season 2 – April

4. Sinkers: Season 1 – May

5. The Turnstone Saga #2 – June/July

6. Brian McDone #3 – August

7. Dead Days: Season 3 – September

8. Sinkers: Season 2 – October

9. The Turnstone Saga #3 – November

10. TBD – December


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