Bit of a cheat post today because I’ve been busy formatting the two Blake Dent books for launch next week, but I’ve been reading a great book called Million Dollar Productivity by Kevin J. Anderson and wanted to share an excellent quote with you. It ties right in with some of the blogs I’ve done on finding the time and working hard these last few days.

“Do bank tellers or librarians get to stay home and wait for the muse to “inspire” them before they go to work? Nope.

Does a surgeon cancel his scheduled procedures for the day because she doesn’t feel “inspired” to perform a hernia operation? Does a barista stay home because he just doesn’t feel the creative satisfaction of making coffee that day?

Why shouldn’t a writer do a full day of work–as in actually writing for hours? Put in your time. Butt in chair, fingers on the keyboard, producing words.”

Brilliant quote from a fantastic author and book. Just had to share it here more for my own future motivational reference than anything. Hope it resonates with you too.

And go buy Million Dollar Productivity by Kevin J. Anderson right now. It’s available here at Amazon, or even better, here in a special non-fiction craft bundle with loads of other great writers like Chuck Wendig, Dave Farland and Dean Wesley Smith.

There we go. My blog post for the day. I told you I’d be doing one per day, no matter what it takes. This just about scrapes it.

Now back to real work…

Quote from Million Dollar Productivity by Kevin J. Anderson. Copyright 2014 Wordfire, Inc.