silhouetteAfter the success of Something in the CellarI mentioned a while back that I’d written a new short story. I proudly present that short story to you as Silhouette.

Silhouette is a longer short-story than SitC at around 6,000-words, and is a sci-fi thriller about a man who discovers how to revisit memories from earlier in his life via time-travel. Whilst on his journeys, he bumps into the suspicious ‘Silhouette’ from the title stalking all of his key memories… there’s a full blurb at the bottom of the blog.

I didn’t initially plan on releasing another short story so soon after Something in the Cellar, which peaked at the #2 spot in the Kindle Free Short Stories chart during a KDP Select promo. However, my creative juices were flowing a little whilst What We Saw was going through its first stage of editing. So, yeah: Silhouette is kind of the product of that creative rush.

As a sci-fi, it’s unfamiliar territory for me, but I had a lot of fun with it. I think it’s a rather different story to my last release, but the same themes are in there… haunting, obsession, fear. Basically, all the cheery stuff.

I did the cover for this one, too. I’m kind of happy with a business model where I pay premium for novel covers, but design short covers myself. And, I guess as I grow in experience, I could even look towards designing my own full-length covers some time in the future.

This will (probably) be the last short story release before I launch What We Saw. Emphasis on the ‘probably’. It will hopefully be available to buy this week by the end of the week. To stay updated, sign up to the mailing list. You’ll get first dibs!

Seeing as you’re all loyal blog readers, here’s a first look at what to expect:


Scientist Brian Dawlish has made a staggering discovery. He is on the brink of answering one of life’s greatest questions: can humans travel through time?

But, as he tests the formula and revisits earlier moments from his own life, he becomes haunted by a suspicious silhouette at each and every one of these key events. What is the silhouette? Why does it stalk Brian’s memories?

As Brian becomes totally engrossed and absorbed by the silhouette, he soon realises he is not only putting his health at risk, but everything else around him too.

Silhouette is a 6,000 word, 23-page science-fiction short story, and will launch through Higher Bank Books.