Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I certainly did. I always love Christmas, and find it a great opportunity to catch up with family and friends.

Alas, in between Boxing Day football and New Year parties, it’s also that time of year where writers like me have to start thinking about the next twelve months, as well as looking back at the previous twelve to see what we did and how we can improve on it.

Firstly, I’m very happy with my personal output in 2014. I managed to expand the Dead Days and McDone series, as well as starting a few new series.

That said, the flipside of that coin is that I would like to simplify things in 2015. Currently, I have the Dead Days series, McDone, Blake Dent, Sinkers and The Hunger all crying out for sequels. But I think it is only fair if I focus on a couple of those series going into the new year. Fair on the readers, so I can put out the best quality books, and fair on myself so I don’t have a million plot strands tangling in my mind.

So in 2015, things are going to get simplified.

I will be publishing books in the Dead Days and Brian McDone series next year.

The other series will be on the back burner for the time being.

Why? Well, firstly because of the reasons stated above. It gives me more chance to focus and flex my creative muscles in these two very different (post-apocalyptic horror and crime mystery) series.

Also, my readers seem to enjoy these series more than any other, so if I can give readers more of what they want, that’s great.

Like I say, I’m really happy with my output in 2014. But I definitely need to simplify that output in 2015. So narrowing it down to my post-apocalyptic Dead Days adventures and my twisting, turning McDone mysteries sounds like an ideal way of doing so.

Specifically, I’ll be releasing three seasons of Dead Days (Seasons Four, Five and Six), and two McDone books (Books four and five). I also have another standalone book called I Saw You scheduled for a March launch. So there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.

If you want to see my full schedule for 2015, head over here: https://ryancaseybooks.com/coming-soon

Anyway, thanks very much for all your support. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas (if you celebrate it), and have a very relaxed Boxing Day.