I’m delighted to announce that my first eBook release, Something in the Cellar, is now available for purchase for just 77p. You can buy a copy from Amazon US or Amazon UK to read on your Kindle, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or relevant e-reader. Details of how to read without a Kindle are below.

To recap: I have made two short stories available for the price of one, and thrown in a sample of the opening pages of my upcoming debut novel, What We Saw, too.

Here’s what to expect:

Something in the Cellar

The title story follows a mother, Sandra, who is hiding a rather large secret in her cellar, in the form of her murdered husband. Struggling to do right by her child, Sandra tries to convince herself to face up to her fears, but does she have the courage to tackle the situation, and deal with the body once and for all? (Short Story/3,000 words approx/12 pages.)

Bonus Story: The Runaway

The Runaway  follows a mysterious character as they escape the depths of a dark, industrial tunnel. Who is the unnamed ‘He’ that the protagonist is obsessed with, and just what exactly are they running from? Questions will be answered, and new ones will form, as the story hurtles to a shocking conclusion. (Short Story/2,000 words approx/8 pages.)

How & Where to Buy

Something in the Cellar is only available as an eBook for the time being. This doesn’t mean you require an eReader, however – just download this free software and you can read any book from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It’ll take seconds to install, and you’ll have access to a whole library of books as a result.

If you are a UK reader, you should purchase my eBook here. If you are in Germany, use this link. For anywhere else, click here.

The book will be exclusive to Amazon for three months.

What if I don’t own an eReader?

If you are reading this, you do. As I’ve explained above, you can download Amazon’s free Kindle app for PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, etc, which gives you access to the entire Kindle Store. Just download and install.

Please feel free to leave a review at the site you purchase Something in the Cellar from if you enjoy it. Word of mouth is so important in today’s climate, so it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,