I’m thrilled to finally, FINALLY announce that Blackout: After the Storm is here.

Okay, it’s a month late. I apologise for that. It’s mainly because I’ve been working at getting the second book out exactly a month after book one. As well as juggling other projects, like a pen name series, and a certain eighth season of something… Yeah, it’s been hectic.

But anyway, Blackout is now here, and if you’re a fan of my post apocalyptic stuff–or any end of the world stuff for that matter–I think you’re going to love it.

The premise is simple: a series of EMP strikes devastate Britain’s infrastructure. One man and his dog are forced to survive this world, in search of their family.

But the story itself isn’t so simple. There’s, as always, complex characters, and a whole host of unexpected twists along the way.

I’m really, really proud of this book. It’s easily my most research-intensive release. I feel like I have a basic knowledge of how I’d survive such a disaster (which is rooted in reality, btw. Scary I know). Only I’m nowhere near prepared…


And here’s your description:

A determined father. An impossible journey…

Will Stuartson is having the worst month of his life. His wife is leaving him, he can’t see his daughter anymore, and he has been kicked out of the family home. He sees no better opportunity to take a trip into the Scottish wilderness with his trusty dog, Bouncer. And a bottle or two of whisky.

But Will’s retreat is interrupted when a devastating series of EMP strikes hit the country. All electrical and battery power, from cars to watches, is down. Will is cut off from society and forced into a world where survivalism is required to stay alive, and where the sudden lack of communication is driving the country to destruction.

Now, forced into a dangerous, primal world where the elements and other people all pose a threat, Will must make the long trek back down to Preston in order to find and save his wife and daughter.

But even with a basic knowledge of survivalism, surviving is anything but simple in this harrowing new world…

Blackout is the first book in the After the Storm post apocalyptic series by Ryan Casey, author of Dead Days and Infection Z. It is sure to delight fans of the author’s trademark complex characters, rapid pacing, and unexpected twists and turns.


Enjoy this book. I had a lot of fun writing it. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

I’ll have more info on the release of Collapse, the sequel, in a few weeks time. When you do finish Blackout though, you can pre-order Collapse right HERE.

Thanks, and have a great day.