Surviving the Blackout

Surviving the Blackout

In a world without power, do you have what it takes to start again?

Three months have passed since a disastrous EMP left the nation without power, with only the strongest and most prepared still standing.

Jack is a survivor. After a tragic showdown, he is keen to step back and allow others to take the spotlight, scarred by painful memories of the casualties under his leadership.

But when a terrifying and charismatic new foe arrives on their doorstep, Jack and his friends are lured into a conflict that threatens to be even more devastating than the last. Can Jack step up and protect those he cares about when it matters most?

And in a world of muddy morals, who can be trusted?

Surviving the Blackout is the fourth book in the Surviving the EMP post apocalyptic series, and a new chapter in the overall story. If you enjoy stories of ordinary people thrown into devastating new circumstances, you'll love Surviving the Blackout.

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About the Book
Series: Surviving the EMP
Genre: Post Apocalyptic
Publisher: Higher Bank Books
Publication Year: 2019
eBook Price: 3.99
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