When I Find You

When I Find You

A missing child. A deadly secret.

In the stifling summer heat of 2018, Sarah Evatt suffered every parent's worst nightmare: her six-year-old son, Charlie, let go of her hand and disappeared into a crowd.

He never returned.

Three years later, Sarah's life is back on track. She has met a loving new boyfriend. She has just moved to a gorgeous new home. She is finally beginning to conquer her grief and trauma, and accept Charlie is gone, once and for all.

Until she gets a visit.

A visit from a man she is convinced is involved in Charlie's disappearance.

A visit that makes her wonder whether Charlie might still be out there, after all.

And a suspicious message that threatens to unearth dark truths about Sarah's past.

Truths only someone closest to her could know.

As events continue to spiral, Sarah must unmask the person psychologically torturing her, and find out exactly who they are, what they want, and what they know about her son.

But who can she trust?

And will she be able to discover their identity before she loses control completely?

When I Find You is a dark psychological domestic thriller packed with twists and turns. You won't be able to put this page-turner of a novel down, right up to the staggering final page.

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About the Book
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Higher Bank Books
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9798509938405
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