dead days 1Hello all!

Just wanted to share a nice writing update this week. Firstly, I’d better get straight to the headline — Dead Days is being renewed for a second season!

When I say “renewed”, what I mean is I’ve decided I love the world so much that I want to continue to story. And yes — it might be a bit of a non-announcement after the way Season One ended. But still, I just wanted to make it clear to all the people who have kindly emailed me that a Season Two is definitely happening.

How’s that for a confirmation?

Thanks to all who have got in touch about Dead Days. It’s been by far my biggest success yet, and for that I’m really grateful. I think what makes Dead Days different to all the other zombie books out there (and believe me, there’s a lot of them) is that it’s essentially a tale of humanity more than a tale of zombies. Riley and co are humans. They make shitty, selfish decisions. Decisions that we don’t like to think we’d make, but let’s face it, when faced with a chance of survival and near-certain death, we would make them. I think people have connected with this dark fact.

Or, who knows? Maybe you just enjoy all the zombie guts and gore. 😉

I would absolutely love to talk Season Two with you right now but the truth of the matter is that it’s very much still in its planning stages. I have a vague idea of where this story is going to go. Season Two is different to Season One in that I only planned for Season One (in case it flopped and people like, threw bricks at me and stuff). But now I’ve reached Season Two, I have to start thinking about the future. I really want this series to last five seasons. That’s my target. So I’ll plan for that, and then when we reach the fifth season, who knows?

I’d hate to give a set-in-stone release date and disappoint you, but I’d like to have Dead Days Season Two out this spring. I hope that isn’t too vague or ambiguous for you right now, but I’d hate to say “MARCH 6TH!!” and end up letting you down.

It probably won’t launch March 6th.

Or perhaps it will.


Release schedule will probably be the same, although I don’t know. Most people pick up the free first episode then move on to the full season boxset, so I’m contemplating just releasing the box set and episodes simultaneously. What do you think? I quite like the weekly serial formula though, and with more people on board for Season Two, it’ll be a fun ride I’m sure. I really want people to get involved with this story, emailing me their “WHY DID YOU DO THAT”s and such. Should be fun.

Anyway, I hope that’s an adequate teaser for the time being. Dead Days Season Two is coming this spring. Be notified as soon as it is available by clicking here (free goodies included). If you enjoyed the first season, then I promise you it will not disappoint you. Unless it does, in which case, thank God it wasn’t a pinky promise.

If you haven’t read Dead Days yet, then you might as well. The first episode is free, after all. Why the hell wouldn’t you? HUH, HUH?! Details here.

As for other projects, I’ve been grafting hard on the sequel to Dying Eyes. The first draft is progressing very nicely, and I’m so pleased with this twisting, turning mystery at the book’s core. It’s more focused than Dying Eyes, I’d say. There aren’t as many red herrings. Everything is significant. This is going to be a book that you want to read again and again.

Well, that’s the intention.

Release date for this? Well, I’ve got my revisions to do, then my editing, so… February? Soon enough for you? Truth is, I’ve been working on this book secretly for a while now, long before the Dying Eyes release. So don’t worry — fans of Mr McDone are going to have another crime mystery to sink their teeth into very soon.

And what a crime it is. 🙂

Over the next couple of days, I’m going to get planning a new project. It won’t be Dead Days, or McDone — it’ll be something completely new. Whether it’ll be a serial, a standalone, or a series novel… we’ll see. Should be great working all that out.

Oh, oh, something I almost forgot to mention. If you’re a Google Play reader, then all of my books are now available on the Play Store! Great news for me and for you readers. You can find a full list here.

Hope you’re having a good week!