dead days season oneOkay, I like using the word bonanza. It’s just crazy.

Sorry. Just had to get that out of the way before I started.

Anyway, the title is correct. I’ve got several new releases for you. Like an eBook Father Christmas, I’ve got new gifts of all shapes and sizes (well, between 18,000 and 120,000 words) ready to send down your virtual chimney and onto your ereader.

First up, if you’ve been following my Twitter/Facebook, you’ll be aware that I’ve just finished a six-part serial called Dead Days. Each episode comes in at around 20,000 words, and, me being me, I agreed to release a new episode every week. Six weeks and 120,000 words later, my challenge is complete, and the entire season is now available.

I’ll talk about the logistics of doing a serial like this some time in the future. But for now, let’s just say it was a.) a lot of hard work, b.) a hell of a lot of fun, and c.) I don’t actually have a c. but a, b, c sounds better than just a and b. So yeah. I’ll definitely be doing a Season Two, and I’ll certainly be dabbling with serial fiction again in the very near future.

If you’re interested in Dead Days, you can pick up the first episode completely free of charge. Forever. Yours to keep. Like a fussy zombie, have a bite, see what you think, and decide whether you want to continue or not. I’ll give you a whole episode to make that decision. Here you go: KindleNookiBooks or Kobo. Bear in mind Nook and Amazon take a little longer to update, but it should be free within a couple of days of writing.

But I happen to be so confident in this series that I’m convinced you’ll want to continue.

For everyone else, you can pick up individual episodes and some brilliant bundles, saving 60% on the RRP in the process, simply by clicking here. Or, if you simply want to pick up the entire season and can’t be bothered reading another page, click here. I’d recommend checking that other page out, though. There’s some good stuff about pricing structures on there.

But that’s not all.the reckoning

What sort of a new release bonanza would it be if I didn’t have a few releases, huh? A rubbish one at that.

As well as the concluding episodes of Dead Days, I’ve also released the third and final part in psychological horror The Watching series. It’s called The Reckoning, and I happen to think it’s really quite good. You can read a blurb about the book here, or you can simply pick it up here: KindleNookKobo and iBooks.

But wait right there!

You haven’t read the first two books in The Watching series?! Well, sucks to be you. You’re just going to have to shell out $9 on the entire series.

Or so I’d say if I was evil.

Nope, you can pick up a box set containing all three books and over 100,000 words of fiction, saving 33% versus buying the individual books. That’s basically one of the books free! Or $3 off! However you want to read it, you can grab that over at Kindle, Nook & Kobo. iBooks taking a little longer there too.

Enjoy the stories! I’ll be back next week with my final post of the year, where I’ll be discussing a few changes over at this blog as it enters its third (!!!!) year.

Happy reading. Now stop procrastinating and get that Christmas shopping finished.