kdp select august 2013Two weeks ago, I rather prematurely talked about the diminishing returns of KDP Select free promotions. I talked about an eventual rolling out of the KDP Select program, and why it isn’t even quite as important to newer authors as it once was.

That said, I had a BookBub promotion scheduled for my debut novel, What We Saw. I’ve been hearing a lot about diminishing returns, both with  KDP Select free promotions and with repeated BookBub ads lately. I was curious to see how much of this was widespread truth.

A little bit of context: Back in March, I ran a BookBub ad alongside a KDP Select free promotion of What We Saw. In the five days it was available for free, I gave away over 40,000 copies, and made around $1,000 when the book switched back to the paid store in the month that followed. What We Saw peaked at number #2 in the overall Kindle Store. A high bar, and one I didn’t expect to beat.

Two weeks ago, I ran a KDP Select promotion for What We Saw, once again supported by BookBub. I also had a Freebooksy ad running alongside it. The results?

In a two day period, I gave away over 56,000 free copies of What We Saw, and have again earned over $1,000 in the weeks that have followed. That’s fifty-six thousand in two days, compared to over forty thousand in five days.

Oh, and I hit number #1.

What does this data show? Well, that KDP Select free promotions can still work when ad-supported, or more specifically, BookBub supported. I stand by my claims two weeks ago — that maybe a 99c run with BookBub can bring in even stronger returns. Then again, I’m not complaining. I’m very happy with how this free run has performed.

A note on how free promotions impact other titles — of course, a good promotion can increase sales through a series, creating a ripple effect, but I’ve seen little impact on my other releases. This is mainly because What We Saw is a standalone novel. However, I’ve had a handful of subscribes to my New Release mailing list, a load of positive reviews, and continued exposure in the paid rankings. The book peaked just outside the top #500 paid, and seems to have settled around the #8,000-#10,000 mark since.

So yes, I just wanted to update you on the state of KDP Select free promotions and BookBub in August 2013. BookBub still works, and when supported by a worthwhile ad, so does KDP Select. This information will be out of date the moment it goes to press, though. That’s just the nature of a rapidly evolving industry.

But still, my experience with KDP Select free promotions have not changed in the year or so I’ve been publishing, so there’s no reason why yours should either.

One year of publishing!

Oh wow! I just realised I published my debut short story, Something in the Cellar, over a year ago. I missed the anniversary party! But seriously, cheers to everyone who has picked up one of my books over the last twelve months. As a treat, I’m offering Killing Freedom — my brand-new novel — for just 99c. Grab it while you can: http://smarturl.it/KillingFreedomKindle

As for new projects — I’m working very hard on getting a few things ready for release. The Disappearing, which is the sequel to The Painting, my suspense thriller/horror novella, should be out next week. You can see the awesome new cover, again designed by Adrijus Guscia, right here:

the disappearing ryan casey














Gorgeous, right? More info on that as soon as it launches next week! To be notified as soon as it becomes available, click here.

Hope you’re all well.