Days of Darkness
Dark Days

Dark Days

Series: Days of Darkness, Book 1
Genre: Post Apocalyptic

A devastating EMP. A society in chaos. Will you survive the days of darkness?

It all starts with a blast. Phones stop working. Planes plummet from the sky. As the police battle to maintain order, survivors scramble for the remaining supplies in a dark, disorienting new world.

Martin is on a trip in the wilderness with his daughter. He knows a thing or two about preparing for disasters, but not so much about looking after a teenage girl.

But when a catastrophic EMP event plunges the nation into darkness, Martin is forced on a dangerous journey to seek out shelter for his daughter in the early days of chaos.

Will he be able to gather supplies and protect his daughter as society spirals out of control? Or will this dark new world destroy everything he cares about?

Dark Days is the first book in the Days of Darkness post apocalyptic survival series. If you enjoy stories of ordinary people thrown into harrowing new circumstances, you'll love Dark Days.

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