Surviving the Virus


eBook: $2.99
Series: Surviving the Virus, Book 1
Genre: Post Apocalyptic

A deadly virus. A society out of control. Who will survive the outbreak?

It all happens without warning. People drop dead in the streets. Violence erupts. As the government desperately struggle to control the outbreak, survivors battle for supplies and shelter in a terrifying new world.

Noah is in the city centre when the chaos strikes. Stranded in town and surrounded by panic and hysteria, he has no choice but to battle back to his flat. But will he make it through a city that is rapidly losing control?

Jasmine is a high-flying young professional. But everything changes when her boss drops dead before her, showing signs of a deadly new virus. In the midst of the drama, does she have what it takes to rescue her beloved dog and seek out shelter for the pair of them?

Outbreak is the first book in the Surviving the Virus post apocalyptic survival series. If you enjoy stories of ordinary people thrown into harrowing new circumstances, you’ll love Outbreak.

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