I realised something amazing when I wrote the final words of my latest work in progress, Sunlight.

I just finished my tenth novel.

It’s a really amazing realisation for me considering I started writing around five years ago. To be honest, I’d completely lost track of how much I’d written — I’m having so much fun creating stories that milestones and things like that rarely even come into the equation.

But wow. Ten novels. Taking a step back out of my own shoes and that really is something.

My dream was always to write a book. I used to spend hours working out the best way to plan, the best way to go about writing, when in fact the best way to write is the simplest: sit down and make up a good story.

Of course, there’s loads of craft to learn along the way, loads of business changes to adapt to, loads of hurdles and land mines, but if you just keep on writing, you can conquer all those and create something–or some things–you’re proud of.

I’ve written ten novels and nine of those are now for sale. They’re all selling, to varying degrees. Wow. That just blows my mind.

I’m a lazy person too, by nature, so hopefully this is proof to you that as long as we pursue our dreams, we can achieve so, so much. Dreams aren’t realised by accident: they are realised when we go and chase them.

Thanks for all the support. I really appreciate it.

What now? How do I celebrate?

Well, seeing as writing is my job and I love my job, I’m going to take a coffee break and then I’m going to go over my initial plans and jot down some ideas for book eleven.

Because for me, there’s no greater pleasure in life than creating stories.

Find something you love and spend as much time doing it as possible.