Hi all,

Just a quick update this week because it’s been a busy one and, quite frankly, I’m not sure how many words I have in me before I start spouting gibberish! I know, I know — I do that enough anyway.

Right, so I thought I’d share with you the cover to my new science fiction/horror book, The Hunger. I spoke about The Hunger the other week, but in case you missed it or for some reason you don’t want to look back, here’s what the book is about.

Jonny Ainsthwaite is dying.

At twenty-three years old, he should have a full life ahead of him.

Instead, he has HIV, and his immune system is growing weaker by the day.

But hidden away in a gigantic pharmaceutical lab, Sarah Appleton has discovered something big. Something that will change humanity forever. Something that will see her name etched into the history books. Something that will save lives around the world for decades and centuries to come. In principle.

What she doesn’t realise is that she has created the end of the world.

But she’s about to find out.

Everyone is about to find out.

And when they do, there is no resisting The Hunger…

Defying genre conventions, The Hunger is the first part of an epic trilogy chronicling the downfall of humanity. A unique twist on the zombie apocalypse and vampire formula, Ryan Casey transports readers to a world of misguided greed and dreams turned to nightmares. For fans of The Passage and the works of Stephen King, The Hunger is a suspense horror that will leave the reader’s stomach suitably nourished, but churning for more…

Okay, okay, enough of all these words. You want to see the cover? Okay. Well, here it is, designed by the fantastic Cormar Covers (who also did the McDone series):


Like it? I hope so! If not, then tough because I love it. Haha.

The Hunger will be available for all eReaders some time later this month. It’ll make its way into paperback eventually, which is something I need to do for Buried Slaughter and all of Dead Days too. I will get those paperbacks done, I promise.


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Speaking of Dead Days, I’ve been busy working on Season Two this week. I’m really happy with where this serial is going. It’s a natural advancement of the plot of Season One, and breaks whole new ground for the series in places. There’s exciting new character developments, nail biting tension, and a whole load of new moral dilemmas that characterise the series.

And lots of zombies. Naturally.

Seriously though, I’m delighted with it. There’s a great load of exploration of some of the more “background” characters of Season One. Pedro OWNS an episode. Claudia and Chloë are fantastic. And the way it all ends… there’s a brooding foreshadowing throughout the whole season. When it blows up, it really does blow up. You’re in for a treat.

Once I finish Dead Days S2, I’ve got a bit of freedom to take a week or two off and decide my next project. McDone 3 or The Hunger 2 is likely, but I’ve got something else I want to explore too. Something very exciting!

Have a great weekend, and I hope you enjoy the cover.