no bullshit twitter marketingIt’s late, I’m tired, and for some reason I’m thinking about social media again.

I occasionally get people asking me for a quick, simple guide to Twitter marketing. I’ve done the lengthy stuff in the past – ‘Give me something short and sweet that I can implement instantly,’ people cry.

To those people: I introduce to you the ‘No Bullsh*t’ guide. It’ll run from time to time, when you’re least expecting it, off-schedule and a welcome break from the wordiness of my other posts.

Anyway, enough waffle. I’m going to offer everything I’ve learned about Twitter marketing in three steps. Thirty ruthless seconds. You ready?

You sure? Okay.

1. Don’t talk about your own product every tweet and expect people to magically buy your stuff. Clue: they won’t, and you’ll look like an idiot.

2. It’s called social media. Be f*cking social.

3. Don’t ask me to ‘like your WHATEVER page’ – make me like it by being interesting and engaging.

4. Be willing to change and adapt (see what I did there? I said I’d give you three tips, and I gave you fou… ahem, yes).

Bonus tip for good measure: don’t bother with auto-DMs. Your love isn’t quite as clean when you’ve been sharing it with everybody. 🙁

30 seconds up. Exhale…

Throw these words into your iPhone notes, or scribble them on a postcard.

Beware the ‘No Bullsh*t’ guide. It will strike again, one day soon.

Or not.


Image courtesy of j4mie via Flickr