Update: 22/10/2012: Okay, so after just ten hours of pre-orders, the £150 target has been exceeded. Thanks so much to Iain Forbes, Toni Tesori, Callum Thomson, Tom Bray, Ian A. Chapman, Paul Whitley, and Daniel O’Neill for your support. 

Everyone else – there are plenty of pre-order options still available, however please note that your pledges will be processed instantly now that the £150 minimum target has been reached.

Cheers, keep on spreading the word!


I’ve decided to partner with Melbourne based website Pozible to open up a special sort of ultra-limited pre-order for my debut novel What We Saw.

To go straight to the pre-order page, click here. Otherwise, read on for info…

Basically, it’s called pledging. Pledging is where you (the reader) pledge an amount (say, £5) and receive a special exclusive reward for doing so if we hit £150 in pledges.

I’ve got a target of £150 that needs to be reached in order for this whole thing to be funded. If it isn’t reached in 21 days, then that’s cool – no money will change hands, and your pre-order pledge will be cancelled. You’ll be able to buy the book as normal on launch day, but with no extra goodies.

Why a £150 target?

As you may or may not be aware, I’ve already invested a crazy amount of cash in hiring a brilliant cover designer and professional editor. However, I need a little bit of a hand funding the final stage of the process – the tidying up and formatting.

With your pledges, the book will be in its best possible form in time for a Christmas launch.

The £150 target, which I think is modest, will go towards funding the final stage of the process. Anything else will be a great help towards covering the expensive but necessary cover design and editorial stages.

Here are the details. Remember, you are only pledging the amount displayed. No money whatsoever is taken from you until/unless the £150 target is reached. That way, it’s fair on everybody. It means I can fund it, and it means you don’t get ripped off if I can’t.

Please note that every level of pledge is strictly limited. Like, strictly. So if you want a piece of the action, get pledging ASAP. Anyway, details…

Pledge £5 – What We Saw in eBook format before Christmas, plus short stories Something in the Cellar and Silhouette (24 available)

Pledge £10 – What We Saw eBook before Christmas, and short stories Something in the Cellar and Silhouette. Plus, YOUR NAME will be listed in the acknowledgements of What We Saw (limited to 20 copies)

Pledge £20 – All of the above (eBooks of What We Saw, Something in the Cellar, Silhouette, & your name in the acknowledgements), plus an exclusive signed paperback copy of What We Saw with a personalised handwritten thank-you letter from the author (9 available)

Pledge £30 – All of the above (eBooks of What We Saw, Something in the Cellar, and Silhouette; your name in the acknowledgements; signed paperback copy; personalised thank you letter), plus a major character named after you in an upcoming novel from Ryan Casey. (NONE AVAILABLE. SOLD OUT.)

Pledge £45 – All of the mentioned eBooks, name in acknowledgements, signed paperback, thank-you letter, plus a published short story written for you, dedicated to you, and starring you. Short story will be released in 2013 (limited to 2)

Pledge £70 – All of the mentioned eBooks, name in acknowledgements, signed paperback, thank-you letter, plus receive the only printed manuscript of What We Saw, hand-delivered to your door by the author, wherever you are in mainland UK. This includes notes from the project’s development, a signed copy of the unedited first draft, and photographs of cover concept art. We’ll also nip for a pint if that’s your thing. (limited to 1)

Check out the pre-order page for more info.

What happens if the £150 target is not reached?

This might work. It might not. If we don’t reach the minimum £150 goal, everyone who pledged will be notified, and no money will be transferred. Remember, NO MONEY changes hands until/unless the £150 is hit.

One thing’s for sure though – we can reach and exceed that £150 goal if you pledge your support, and tell all your friends to do the same.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate your patience, even if you decide not to pledge.