what we saw proof copiesThis blog post might be short. Then again, it might waffle on. I’m not so sure yet, because I’m writing it as my hands still shake with excitement and an overwhelming sense of pride after receiving the physical proof copies of What We Saw.

I’ll talk about the process and all that another day. Today isn’t the day for a guide. I just want you all to know how amazing this emotion is. I want any aspiring writers with dreams of holding a copy of their book one day to know just how indescribable the emotion within is at seeing a physical version of your book.

Sure — anyone can have a book printed nowadays. But I’ve put so much into this. I’ve thrown two years of my life into it whilst studying at university. I’ve invested/gone broke on professional cover design and the very best editing from Brenda Errichiello. It’s the best book it possibly can be, and I’m so, so proud.

So, enough of the waffle — here’s some images. This is me with my book. The first shot was rather funny because initially, my friend took the photo and I was covering my name with my hand. I basically looked like a very proud man holding a random book.

what we saw - proud moment







There I am, looking very happy.

Honestly, I thought I was prepared for the emotion of receiving a book. I thought it would give me something of a buzz, but nothing like this. Does anybody sell this sort of buzz, legally? I want some if so.

There’s something weird about receiving an actual, tangible copy of your work. I can’t quite describe it, but it’s unbelievable.

Anyway, a few more shots. On a whole — Createspace are brilliant, the books are of fantastic quality. As my housemates said, “Woah, it’s…it’s actually a real book!” — I think that just about sums it up!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me on this amazing journey so far. To those who pre-ordered: your copies will be with you in a couple of weeks time. Everyone else — December 6th is launch date. 🙂

Apologies if there are any editing issues with this post. It’s all stream of consciousness, crazy stream of consciousness.

Now, I’m off for a celebratory drink or three. Have an amazing day!

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what we saw proof interior

what we saw proof copies