How We Prevail

How We Prevail

A devastating EMP. A nation in chaos. Would you survive the collapse?

Five years ago, a devastating EMP ripped across the country, plunging the nation into darkness.

After a brutal conflict, Faye, Ava and Lily have found their way to the Kendal safe zone. But there is no sign of Mark. Faye insists her father is still out there, and will not give up until she finds him.

But when a momentous new threat arrives on their doorstep, our survivors are forced to fend for themselves in their most gruelling challenge yet.

Will they survive this one, final fight? And will they find the elusive safety they have been searching for, once and for all?

How We Prevail is the third book in a gripping post apocalyptic series from the author of Outbreak and Lights Out. If you enjoy stories of ordinary people thrown into harrowing new circumstances, you'll love How We Survive.

About the Book
Series: How We Survive
Genre: Post Apocalyptic
Publisher: Higher Bank Books
Publication Year: 2021
eBook Price: 3.99
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