How We Survive

How We Survive

A devastating EMP. A nation in ruin. Would you survive?

It all starts with a devastating blackout. Planes fall from the sky. Cars hurtle into one another. Phones and electronic devices stop working in an instant, leaving the nation terrified and directionless, battling violently for the dwindling supplies.

Five years after the blackout, Mark has adapted to the powerless world. He lives a simple life, far away from any remnants of society. After his traumatic losses, he has no time for the distractions of other people.

But all that changes when a young girl, Ava, staggers out of the woods, fleeing a dangerous, bloodthirsty group of captors. Her goal? Get back to her parents before this sinister group catch up with her.

Now, forced on a treacherous journey across a harrowing, post-apocalyptic landscape, Mark must put his fear of attachment to one side and step up in order to get Ava to safety.

But as the journey stretches on, it soon becomes clear that Mark and Ava's ruthless enemies are more dangerous than they bargained for...

How We Survive is the first book in a gripping new post apocalyptic series from the author of Outbreak and Lights Out. If you enjoy stories of ordinary people thrown into harrowing new circumstances, you'll love How We Survive.

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About the Book
Series: How We Survive, Book 1
Genre: Post Apocalyptic
Publisher: Higher Bank Books
Publication Year: 2021
List Price: 2.99
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