Buried Slaughter (Brian McDone Mysteries, #2)

Buried Slaughter (Brian McDone Mysteries, #2)

Series: Brian McDone, Book 2
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Higher Bank Books
Publication Year: 2014
About the Book

Some secrets are better left undiscovered.

Two years after the shocking events of the Nicola Watson case, Brian McDone’s life is finally back on track. He’s working in the lower ranks of the police department, but his personal life and mental stability are stronger and more important to him than ever.

That is until news breaks of a series of brutal, ritualistic murders in the idyllic Lancashire countryside. Seven bodies are found, decapitated, bones stripped of flesh, heads piled on top of one another. The police are clueless. Brian is intrigued. Too intrigued.

As Brian grows obsessed with the case, he finds himself drawn out of his peaceful life and into the dangerous depths of the investigation. In a race against time, Brian must put all he cares about on the line, as he faces a ruthless, cunning and methodical killer who isn’t afraid to make things personal.

The second in the series from author Ryan Casey, Buried Slaughter is a dark detective mystery with complex characters and a twisting, thrilling plot. If you enjoy Danish TV hitsThe Killing and The Bridge, you’ll love Buried Slaughter.

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