Shattered Refuge

Shattered Refuge
About the Book

A devastating infection. A desperate search for safety.

Three weeks ago, a deadly virus transformed ordinary people into bloodthirsty killers, plunging society into chaos. Among the survivors are David, Keira, Nisha, and Sarah – their resilience the only thing that has kept them alive.

For a moment, they discover refuge within the walls of David’s home, a rare sanctuary in a world overrun by the infected. But when a relentless horde attacks, their paths once again diverge in a world that grows more perilous by the day.

Separated from Nisha and Sarah, Keira and David must navigate this treacherous world, their singular hope to reunite with their lost friends.

And in the midst of their struggles, Nisha and Sarah discover astonishing new truths about Nisha’s unique abilities. Secrets that may hold the key to survival. But secrets that put her in even more danger.

Shattered Refuge is the fifth installment in the heart-pounding Infected Chronicles post-apocalyptic saga, and the most dramatic chapter yet. As the battle for survival escalates to new heights of intensity, our characters confront their deepest fears and the relentless horrors of an infected world. Will they find the strength to endure, or will the darkness within consume them?

Series: The Infected Chronicles, Book 5
Genre: Post Apocalyptic
Publication Year: 2023
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