Dawn of Darkness

Dawn of Darkness
About the Book

An EMP strikes. Society crumbles. Will you survive the dawn of darkness?

First came the catastrophic floods, bringing the nation to a standstill. Then, a devastating EMP, wiping out all power and forcing the country to its knees. Society is in ruin. Panic is taking hold. Survivors are growing more and more desperate, as they battle for the remaining supplies.

Sam and Tara have escaped the city and made it back to his countryside home. They plan to stay there, away from the worst of the crisis, and ride out the chaos for as long as it lasts.

But when a calamitous storm destroys Sam’s safe haven, the pair are left with no choice but to take to the road in search of new shelter.

And as they begin their journey, they soon learn they aren’t the only ones seeking safety. And many are willing to sink to violent depths to protect their loved ones…

With old enemies on the horizon and dark secrets emerging, do Sam and Tara have what it takes to make it to safety? And in a world where morals are collapsing, how far are they willing to go to survive?

Dawn of Darkness is the second book in a new post apocalyptic EMP survival thriller series.If you enjoy stories of ordinary people thrown into harrowing new circumstances, you’ll love the World Without Power series.

Series: World Without Power
Genre: Post Apocalyptic
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