Fight For Darkness

Fight For Darkness

When the lights go out, how far would you go to survive?

Four years ago, a devastating EMP event struck the nation, crippling power supplies and leaving survivors lost in a dark and deadly new world.

Aoife is one of those survivors. After leaving a perfect safe haven in dramatic circumstances, Aoife walks alone in the cold, harsh winter. The secrets of her departure from Sanctuary are a mystery. But whatever happened haunts her every day.

But when Aoife discovers a young boy, Billy, fleeing a ruthless gang of marauders, she realises she must help him to shelter, no matter what.

But as she tries to seek out somewhere safe for this boy, she soon realises her vicious enemies will stop at nothing in her greatest, deadliest, and most personal challenge yet.

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About the Book
Series: Survive the Darkness, Book 7
Genre: Post Apocalyptic
Publication Year: 2022
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