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Dark New Beginnings

Dark New Beginnings

Series: Into the Dark, Book 7

After the EMP, do you have what it takes to start over?

Twelve months have passed since a disastrous EMP left survivors stranded in a dangerous, unpredictable world without power.

Mike awakens in a new community. But with the fate of his friends unknown, he forces himself on a treacherous journey to track them down. Does he have what it takes to fight the elements and rediscover those closest to him--especially when he learns of a dark secret that threatens everyone?

Kelsie is adapting to life at the extraction point, waiting for her turn to be transported into a promising new world. But when she witnesses a shocking event, everything she thought she knew about this seemingly hopeful place is shattered. Will she be able to warn the others before it's too late?

Aiden is a guard at the extraction point. He is committed to the cause, focused on maintaining order. But when he is forced to commit an act that goes completely against his morals, will he be able to put his principles aside? Or will it prove a step too far?

After the EMP, anything is possible...

Dark New Beginnings is the seventh book in the Into the Dark post-apocalyptic thriller series from Ryan Casey, author of The World After and Blackout. If you enjoy stories of ordinary people thrown into devastating new circumstances, you'll love Into the Dark.

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Into the Dark: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Thriller
Surviving Sundown
After the Blast
A Solar Winter
World Without Power

World Without Power

eBook: $3.99
Series: Into the Dark, Book 5

When society falls, do you have what it takes to start again?

A year has passed since a devastating EMP struck the planet, leaving survivors in a dangerous world without power or communications...

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Fight For Survival

Fight For Survival

eBook: $3.99
Series: Into the Dark, Book 6
Genre: Post Apocalyptic

After the EMP, are you ready for war?

A year has passed since a catastrophic EMP devastated the nation, leaving survivors scrambling for their lives in a dangerous, powerless world.

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Dead Days (Post Apocalyptic Series)

Dead Days (Post Apocalyptic Series)

Series: Dead Days, Book 0
Genre: Post Apocalyptic

The hit post apocalypse series, Dead Days -- get all the episodes and all the season box sets right through here.

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When Darkness Falls: An EMP Thriller
When Darkness Falls: Book 2
When Darkness Falls: Book 3
The World After: An EMP Thriller
The World After, Book 2
The World After, Book 3
Blackout: After the Storm
Collapse: After the Storm
Survival: After the Storm
Infection Z
Infection Z 2
Infection Z 3
Infection Z 4
Infection Z 5
Dying Eyes (Brian McDone Mysteries, #1)
Buried Slaughter (Brian McDone Mysteries, #2)
Nameless Kill (Brian McDone Mysteries, #3)
Eye Snatcher (Brian McDone Mysteries, #4)
Ritual (Brian McDone Mysteries, #5)
Dead Justice (Brian McDone Mysteries, #6)
Chloe: The Journey
Chloe: A New World
Sunlight (Post Apocalyptic Horror)
The Hunger (Apocalyptic Horror)
Sinkers (Suspense Horror / Mystery)
What We Saw (Coming of Age Mystery)
Killing Freedom (Suspense Thriller)